Or Shaul

Or Shaul Commandments is a working years in Pest Control and removal of pigeon.
The company operates a decade and has not ceased to develop and lead the pesticide in the country and leading to breakthroughs.
The company is managed by leading professionals in conjunction with the research and development of the best.

Or Shaul Commandments emphasizes the protection of the environment and operates save it by using the least toxic and highly advanced technological development.

Or Shaul Commandments is the leading company in the field of Pest Control and removal of pigeons due diligence determination and love for the profession and service leadership and patient customer.

Service and reliability are our milestones that paved the way to success.

or shaul was Commandments to hundreds of thousands of successful homes, factories, restaurants, hotels and more.
Using safe pesticides and in the world.
Or Shaul Commandments emphasizes customer needs we cater tolerant, and kind, and offering appropriate insecticide solution and safest.

Or Shaul Commandments provides support services and free advice to the customer, Kind and tolerant explanation on the types of pests and development.

Or Shaul Commandments operates nationwide, we are committed to meeting deadlines and courteous and tolerant client while meeting stringent standards and most professional. Using safe pesticides worldwide.

Or Shaul Commandments is licensed Ministry of Environment and Ministry of Health and a pesticide permit No. 1945 while ensuring the safety instructions.

Quality of work and customer service are our top priority to maintain a high level of professionalism we tend to constantly innovate by learning